Current Conditions

Sensor Value
Temperature 27.2°C
Apparent Temperature 29.6°C
Wind Chill 27.2°C
Dew Point 17.0°C
Humidity 54.0%
Barometer 1012.2 hPa
Wind Speed --
Wind Direction --
Rain Rate --
Current Storm Rain --

Todays Records

Sensor Min Max
Temperature 13.8°C at 07:05:00 27.7°C at 14:45:00
Apparent Temperature 14.8°C at 07:00:00 30.4°C at 14:45:00
Wind Chill 13.8°C at 07:05:00 27.7°C at 14:45:00
Dew Point 13.0°C at 07:00:00 19.5°C at 10:50:00
Humidity 53% at 14:50:00 96% at 11:19:32
Barometer 1012.2 hPa at 15:05:00 1015.4 hPa at 02:10:00
Gust Wind Speed 1.8 m/s at 15:05:00
Average Wind Speed 0.4 m/s at 15:05:00


No Forecast

Last 24 Hours

Total Rainfall: 0.0mm

Last 7 Days

Data is a 30-minute average over the past seven days.

Ruakura Ground Station

These images are received directly from polar orbiting weather statellites (NOAA-15, NOAA-18 and NOAA-19) each of which travels across the sky at least twice a day. Received broadcasts are analog APT signals so the images tend to have noise at the top and bottom where the satellite is closer to the horizon.

The satellites orbits vary from day to day so the country tends to move around in the images a bit. The rotation of the image tends to vary based on which direction the satellite is traveling in. How tall the image is depends on how long the satellite is within range of the ground station. The tall lower noise images are from high elevation passes (where the satellite travels nearly overhead) where as the short noisy images are from low elevation passes where the satellite is traveling along the horizon just within range of the ground station (often not far enough in range to produce an image).

Each satellite pass produces several images with various enhancements applied. See: A description of satellite enhancements for more details.

NOAA 15 MSA false colour enhancement @ 07:14:42

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