Weather for 2023-12-04


Sensor Min Max
Temperature 16.6°C at 05:15:00 21.3°C at 13:10:00
Apparent Temperature 18.4°C at 05:15:00 25.0°C at 13:10:00
Wind Chill 16.6°C at 05:15:00 21.3°C at 13:10:00
Dew Point 15.5°C at 05:15:00 20.2°C at 12:25:00
Humidity 87% at 01:05:00 96% at 23:55:00
Barometer 1007.1 hPa at 17:35:00 1010.1 hPa at 23:55:00
Gust Wind Speed --
Average Wind Speed --

Total Rainfall: 10.2mm

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TestCam is a prototype to see what having pictures here is like. New photo every hour from sunrise to sunset plus a time-lapse video at the end of the day (usually 15-30 minutes after civil dusk).